Get the website you need without having to compromise on quality because of financial restraints

With up to 12 months to make your payments, budgeting for your new website is made incredibly easy.

As a small business, we completely understand that when it comes to getting a quality website, budget can often be a challenge especially if you’re just starting out. It’s the old chicken and egg scenario, you need a great website to help you earn money but you need money to get a quality website!


Having minimal overheads, our prices are already very affordable however we do recognise that coming up with full payment within 1-3 months can still be challenging.

These days, your website is your most important tool when it comes to promoting your business so we’re as keen as you are to get it online and our monthly payment plans can make that possible.

Benefits of our payment plans

Return on Investment

Your website goes live as soon as it is completed generating leads and/or cash flow; giving you a return on your investment much sooner. (obviously we cannot guarantee the level of income the site will generate)


Payments are made monthly and the subscription term can range from 3-12 months so you can choose a payment plan that specifically suits your budget. You can also payout early at any time without any cancellation fees.


With the budget issue removed you don’t have to compromise on quality and get the website you need right now. (Buying a cheap website as an alternative often ends up costing you more in the long run anyway!)

Here's how it works


A 15% deposit is required with your first installment at which point we begin building your website


The remaining balance is automatically processed in equal monthly installments


Upon website completion it is published online via our servers and you are given restricted access


Once full payment is complete we transfer the site to your own hosting & give access

Here's what you need to know

The Fine Print

Payment plans between 3 – 6 months are open to everyone.

Payment plans between 6 – 12 months however require approval and some supportive documents – proof of income and your e-bank statement (just 3 months history, nothing more). Once on a payment plan, the following conditions apply.

Until full payment is complete:

  • Netface retains ownership of the website
  • The customer will be given access to the site but it will have restrictions
  • Any updates required outside the scope of the customers role will have to be performed by Netface (which is billable)
  • If an installment payment fails and isn’t received within 10 days the website will be taken off-line until the debt is recovered

Fees and Payments

Service Fee

A service fee applies to all payment plans to cover the additional costs. The fee is 1.5% of your total quoted price which is applied to each installment. So the fewer installments you make, the less you will pay in service fees.

Early Payout

Should your circumstances change you can end the payment plan early with no early payout fees. Simply advise us before your next installment is due so we can adjust it accordingly with a final payout figure.

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